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What does a standard Granny flat contain?

What does a standard Granny flat contain?

A standard granny flat is nothing different from a normal house except for its name. It is a separate house that goes at the backyard of the main house. It primarily contains bedrooms, bathrooms, kitchen and a provision for laundry.

At Master Granny Flats, we build granny flats from Start to Finish. We get approval for the best suited granny flat for your site and handle the entire construction process until we get the Occupation Certificate from the council which basically means that the Granny Flat is now habitable. In our standard Granny flat, the Bathroom has 1 fan, 1 light and 1 heater. Bedroom can be either one of Carpet, Tiles or Floating floors. We offer a wide range of finishing options for the building materials and colors. Please contact us for more information.

Because of the State requirements, a granny flat must have a minimum of 2000-liter Rain Water Tank.

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