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Our range of Granny Flat Designs

See below our Granny Flat designs, including our floor plans. You can find standard designs for one, two and three bedroom Granny Flats as well as Designs for our Mini Home Granny Flat.

This image will show you all the standard 1 bedroom granny flat designs that we currently have.This page contains several 2 bedroom granny flat designs we currently have. On top of it, we also do custom design of granny flats.This page will show you our standard 3 bedroom granny flat designs. If you are not satisfied, we have also got custom designs.Our mini home designs are listed in this page. It is subjected to customization upon your requirements.

If you’re after a Custom Design Granny Flat to be tailored to you and your needs or have an inquiry,

our Design and Sales Team will walk you through the process. Please call us on 1300643528.

Robert, Master Granny Flats Director

Robert Daoud

Master Granny Flats is a one-stop solution if:

  • Finding a reliable and affordable housing is difficult
  • You are thinking of sharing your property with family or elderly parents but have the need for privacy
  • Children getting older and need a private and affordable living space
  • Need a new investment for portfolio, or an investment for superannuation purposes

Come in and visit our display Granny Flat at:

719 Forest Rd, Peakhurst 2210;  We are open on “Mon-Fri” 8am – 5pm &  “Sat 8am – 1pm”

"Can we put a granny flat at our property?"

You are allowed to build a granny flat if you have enough land, the frontage of the property meets the minimum requirement and if you do not exceed the Floor Space Ratio(FSR) that’s allowed by the council. For a granny flat, there are setbacks at both rear and side boundaries which depends on the size of the land. Also, the allowed FSR depends from council to council.

There is two ways for getting an approval to build a granny flat. If you want to build a granny flat in a land that’s size is bigger than 450sqm leaving at least 3m from the back fence, a private certifier can approve the application on behalf of the council. It takes about 2-3 weeks for approval. If your land is less than 450sqm and/or you want to squeeze the land between the granny flat and the back fence (creating more space between the main house and the granny flat), you can build from 900mm from the back fence but the application must go through the council for approval. It may take 6-8 weeks to get the approval.

Client feedbacks

  • “After the first time I spoke with Robert, I knew I had found the builder that would work well with me… I could tell he was a man of his word. The Master Granny Flat team was professional, friendly & approachable. From going the little extra mile outside normal work hours to changing the design to suit our needs, nothing was ever a problem. I had high standards that were surpassed very early in the relationship. The team went all out to source the right style we were looking for. I am pleased I took the chance to take this journey with Robert & his team. I recommend Master Granny Flat Builders without any hesitation, knowing they will provide the best product & service from design to construction & the finished product“

    Wayne Colgan
  • “Our new 2 bedroom Master Granny Flat not only has increased our property’s value, it has given us an additional $380 a week to add to the family budget from rent! Mum and Dads mobility now weakening, I needed to spend more time at their place. Our new 1 bedroom Master Granny Flat has been a life saver, now I don’t need to travel to check up on my parents and now I have my last minute babysitters just a stone’s throw away! The flat is eco friendly and a very cost effective way of living. We were restricted with time and budget, Robert and his team at Master Granny Flats, who consulted us every step of the way, finished on time and with in budget. The Master Granny Flat Builders team were very polite and had good attitude towards our input making sure that every detail was met to our satisfaction.“

    Angelo and Elettra Piccoli
  • "We've just finished building our Granny Flat with Master Granny Flats. The result is more than fantastic. No stress. No surprise. We met with Robert the Builder he was so friendly and helpful and that’s how we started. We like the way he followed up his work and very quick to answer with any question we have, he’s very professional and help us through all the stages of building the home. He gave us lots of design ideas. We would like to say “Thank You" to The team at Master Granny Flat Builders for their professional and helpful services and up front with us throughout the whole process. We where extremely happy from start to finish. Overall we had a very positive experience building our home. We have been recommending Master Granny Flats to our family and friends and to anyone wanting to build a Granny Flat."

    Angela Zelios

How Can We Help You Build Your Granny Flat?

First of all, Are you or someone you know facing any of these problems:

Is finding affordable housing in Sydney difficult?  Do you have family or elderly parents who want to share their property, and yet still need their own privacy? Furthermore,  Are your children getting older and need their own private living space but are not ready to move out or even just thinking of new investment plans?

If you are facing the problems stated above, it seems like you should be considering one of our new luxury Granny Flats built by professional Investors and Developers!  In over 10 years of professional building experience and over 5 years of developing Granny flats we have established ourselves as one of the top Granny Flat builders in Sydney.

We are granny flat builders based in Sydney

Due to a recent change in NSW Legislation, it has allowed property owners to build a Granny Flat on the same lot as the principal house. Whether you need a Granny Flat for your ageing parents, children and grandparents or if you just want to earn additional income and possibly positively gear your property, you are now able to do so with minimal fuss and at an affordable price.

Master Granny Flats operates under Daoud Building Group Pty Ltd that was established in 2006, solely for the purpose of developing luxury homes and duplexes. In 2012, one of our client approached us to build him a granny flat. Being in between jobs, we decided to take on the job. It was a very rewarding experience. Whilst continuing our, then, primary business development, granny flats soon became our new focus.

Since Master Granny Flats was established, we have expanded our building radius up to 1 hour from our Sydney Office. Due to the overwhelming response and referrals, Master Granny Flats is climbing the industry ladder to becoming a leading Granny Flat Builder. We have built granny flats in areas such as Wollongong, Minchinbury and Picton.

We have designed a process to deliver commitment. You need to provide us the planning certificate(149(2) & (5) ) and Sewer Diagram upon visiting our display office or booked site inspection. Once we agree on a price, sign the contract, we take care of the rest! For more detailed steps, please visit our Approval process guide. We guarantee durable style, design and high-quality of materials.

Why invest in building a granny flat in Sydney!

Granny Flats are perfect for any investor looking to make a positively geared investment that will generate extra income. Depending on the area you are in, the rental returns in Sydney for one of our 2-bedroom Granny Flats will generate an average figure of 20%. This is a perfect low-risk investment if you have a space on your property and would like an extra source of income.

“A Granny Flat can earn you up to $500 a week leading to a high return on investment”

If you are currently renting out an investment property,increase your investment by adding a granny flat. You will receive two streams of income if you build a granny flat in the backyard. The weekly income of the property could be compared to one in a high-value area without having to pay the price linked with the purchase property area. Being the best Granny flat builders in Sydney, we acknowledge the high return through this investment and hence, deeply admire your decision to invest in a Granny flat.
Think about it, now that’s called being a smart investor, something we acknowledge as being the most professional Granny flat builders in Sydney.

“Increasing the property value” and “Increasing the income the property is able to generate” through One investment!

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